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Patek Philippe refines the design of its legendary ultra-thin perpetual calendar

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With its sophisticated movement and sleek classic design, the ultra-thin perpetual calendar is one of the most beautiful examples of Patek Philippe's synthesis of technology and style. This slightly enlarged variation accents the ultra-thin case and optimizes the watch's readability.

A legendary model A classic complication par excellence, the perpetual calendar occupies a place of honor in the Patek Philippe collection. Many of these mechanical marvels were crafted for pocket watches beginning when the manufacture was founded in 1839 and for wristwatches since 1925. The hundreds of smoothly interacting wheels, pinions, cams and levers perform a veritable ballet as they emulate the course of time. In 1985, Patek Philippe ushered in the new era of grand complications by crafting the Ref. 3940, the first highly complicated...

Patek Philippe adds to the charisma of its famous World Time watch

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Among seasoned travelers and businesspeople who have a penchant for extraordinary mechanical watches, the Patek Philippe Word Time enjoys cult status. It is now available in a new version with a slightly enlarged case, a smartly updated dial, and an unusual ring-shaped hour hand. New horizons open up for a timeless classic.

A global celebrity At the International Meridian Conference in Washington, D.C., in 1884, universal time was adopted and the world was officially divided into 24 time zones. Ever since, watchmakers have tried to outdo each other with clever ideas for displaying multiple time zones. In 1930, Patek Philippe presented its internationally acclaimed World Time wristwatch with two rotating discs that made it possible to simultaneously display the time in all 24 zones. Today, these timepieces crafted from the 1930s to the 1960s fetch astronomical pr...