Bremont B1 Marine Clock painted by Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones

Marina Milojević | 09.29.11 | 02:29 AM

The special Ronnie Wood B1 Marine Clock was presented at the Only Watch 2011 auction in Monaco.

In case you didn’t know - Ronald David "Ronnie" Wood, a famous rock guitarist and a member of The Rolling Stones, is also a renowned visual artist. Wood polished his skills in painting at Ealing Art College, and his pieces have already been exhibited all over the world. Wood is also a co-owner of a London-based art gallery called Scream, and very much appreciated by the critics and audience. Now, what you see on a leading image is actually a special new Bremont B1 Marine Clock hand painted by Ronnie Wood himself. The watch is painted on the dial and inside the clock. The inner side is visible on the image showing Price Albert II and Ronnie Wood. As far as we have heard, the Prince was impressed by a modern interpretation of the hand-wound ship’s chronometer. Bremont B1 Marine Clocks are actually inspired by the vintage English sea-going watches, which were once mounted on gimbals and used to calculate the vessel’s longitude. These marine instruments were very much appreciated for their accuracy, since only a second-worth error at the Equador would lead to a 463-metre error in position! Imagine the tremendous importance of these chronographs back in the times when the sea was the only way of reaching the British Isles.


Ronnie Wood and Prince Albert

The clock has 300mm diameter, and it weighs no less than 16kg. The Bremont B-1 indicates the local and home time, and measures the time of a trip of up to 90 days, by days, hours and months. Once fully wound, the clock can run on reserve for up to 40 days. Power reserve indicator is placed on the right side of the dial, just beside the date aperture. The special Ronnie Wood B1 Marine Clock was presented at the Only Watch 2011 auction in Monaco. Basically, it is the same customized model as the original one, launched last year. Still no information about the price and the availability for this one.

Ronnie Wood and Bremont  B1 Marine Clock

Images: Bremont and In2Watches By Gerard Nijenbrinks