Maurice de Mauriac Skeleton Chronograph with Concepto movement

Marina Milojević | 12.15.11 | 02:59 AM

Swiss watchmaker Maurice de Mauriac presents the brand new Skeleton Chronograph which will be available at select retailers starting from early 2012.

One of the most wonderful features about this watch is that it doesn’t actually use ETA movement. The new black movement, which was extensively promoted on brand’s facebook page is actually a high-quality Concepto movement built on 25 jewels and generously finished in the spirit of haute horlogerie. Concepto watch factory, founded in 2006, is developed as a response to the ETA decision to stop providing ebauches. Their first modular movement C2000 is based on the famous Valjoux 7750, and now available in a number of variations. Today the company offers even very complicated movements such as column wheel chronographs and tourbillons, and positions very well on the watch market. If the company succeeds in maintaining the demand and quality required, small Swiss brands and independent watchmakers may be given a solution to overcome the difficulties they’ll face when the Swatch Group starts cutting the supplies of their movements and movement components.

Maurice de Mauriac Skeleton Chronograph with Concepto movement, case back
Maurice de Mauriac Skeleton Chronograph with Concepto movement

The new Maurice de Mauriac Skeleton Chronograph will be available in three different sizes: 39mm, 42mm, and 45mm. As all other Maurice de Mauriac watches, the new chrono is fully customizable and the customer can choose from many options available. The watch can be made from gold, steel, titanium, PVD or DLC finished…

New Black Concepto movement
The New Black Concepto movement

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