The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer - with the world map

Marina Milojević | 07.17.13 | 02:16 PM

It has been quite a while since we heard about Bernhard Lederer Universe, a high-end manufacture run by independent watchmaker Bernhard Lederer. However, we have just received Bernhard Lederer's summer news update about the brand new version of The Gagarin Tourbillon.

The first Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer was unveiled about two years ago, as a tribute to the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the 50th anniversary of the historic 1961 event, which made him the first human to journey into the outer space. Bernhard Lederer's obsession with planets, galaxies and the conquest of space is embodied in a highly original constellation of extraordinary and complicated timepieces, with The Gagarin Tourbillon as the brightest of all stars.

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer gold with blue map

The new variant of the celebrated Tourbillon has just been unveiled, and it is, same as its predecessor, issued in a limited edition of just 50 pieces in total. This time, The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer is crafted from solid gold and it comes with a breathtaking hand-engraved golden dial, which is available either in galvanic blue or black. The central motif, depicting the map of the planet Earth, is embraced by the outer dial made from synthetic black diamond. I'm not sure whether this is a synthetic Aventurine (tinted glass infused with copper particles), a material which has already been used for the BLU Galaxy Watch, or not.

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer platinum with grey map

What is really interesting about this model is that it comes with an integrated magnifying glass, so that the wearer can truly enjoy all of the details of the dial and the tourbillon. With this unusual addition, Bernhard Lederer actually wanted to give us a taste of looking out of the Vostok spacecraft back at Earth. The aforementioned gorgeous 60-second flying tourbillon is orbiting the dial counterclockwise, making one revolution each 108 minutes, which is the exact duration of Gagarin's epic flight. The tourbillon cage is quite unique, as it forms the word "VOSTOK," referring to the famous Russian Antarctic research station and the name of Gagarin's flying capsule. Last but not least, the tourbillon looks as if it is supported by a slender curved arm, which is a nod to the 25m-high commemorative statue at Gagarin’s landing site near Engels.

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer gold with blue map

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer is powered by a mechanical manual winding movement, developed and produced by Bernhard Lederer in Switzerland. It features three mainspring barrels and thus provides about 80 hours of power reserve. All of the 264 components and 35 jewels, embedded in the core of this watch, were entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Berhnard Lederer.

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer gold with grey map

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer is available in pink gold and platinum, in a limited edition of 50 exemplars. The price for this beauty is 260.000 CHF including 8 % VAT. For more information about this watch, please visit the official The Gagarin Tourbillon website, and check out this interesting video.


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